Disney Planes, now in theatres!!

11 Aug

The long anticipated movie, Disney Planes is finally in theatres, and it’s a great film for the entire family!

planes We got to go see the premiere last week, and it was a huge hit with all the kids there!

The story itself is really fun, can a plain old crop duster become a high flying air racer?

Lots of great characters in the film, even a plane from Canada is one of the racers. The 3d makes it really fun, and keeps you right in the moment the whole time. I always find that 3d films really put you right there, and you can just relax and become part of the film. I even found myself forgetting that these were cartoon airplanes, and really cringing at the near accidents!

I’d say this film is good for any age range, there was nothing questionable to me, nothing scary at all – so good for toddlers, preschool etc. and also easy to watch for the parents. Lots of little funny jokes for us to enjoy too.

The plot itself is good, a small town plane vs. some fancy expensive ones. Lots of good lessons in the film and feel good moments – make sure to go check this one out as a family! 🙂

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