Disney Frozen now in theatres!

28 Nov

frozen  Disney Frozen is now in theatres in 3D!

We went to see an advanced screening of it, and all i have to say is – Go see it! 🙂

Everyone in the family loved it, it was so well done. The 3D effects were amazing, the story is great and it’s just one of those movies that you’d go see again and again. I think the kiddo’s already ready to go back!

The story is about 2 sisters and there are so many amazing lessons in there about family, true love and friendship. This is not your typical boy saves girl kind of movie – there’s one scene at the end that will just warm the hearts of all the parents, especially those with little girls. Don’t want to spoil anything for anyone, you’ll know it when you see it and let me know if you felt the same way.

There are some amazing characters in this one too – every kid will love the hilarious snowman Olaf, and i think most of the parents will too 🙂 My daughter still sings his song – it was super funny!

This movie is great for kids of all ages, no scary moments or anything like that. A great fun movie for kids, parents, grandparents etc.

Hope everyone heads out to see Frozen, while we enjoy our Frozen winter here too 🙂

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