Deals around the city!

8 Nov

What kind of good deals has everyone found around the city lately?

At our Safeway in St. B this morning they were clearing out the Suchard’s Hot Choc for Tassimo – since there’s a new brand out. It was 2$ and change for 8 cups, not a bad deal! 🙂 They also had the Keurig Kenya pods on clearance for 5$ for a pretty big box. Just the Kenya one though. Always worth keeping an eye out for deals on these, since they’re always adding more brands and types. They were also clearing out a lot of ice cream, picked up a pack of those little cups (remember with the wooden spoons) for 2$.

Also went to Le Market on DesMeurons – remember they were clearing out the Explore Store toys last year for I think it was 20-30%. Well, this morning it was 50% off! We bought a bunch of games – dark so early, thought will be fun to add a few more to our collection for this winter! There’s lots of stuff left, tons of games, sets, toys, puzzles etc.  Just phone to check before you go, I can never remember their hours.

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  1. I work downtown so I was in the SDM and picked up the last 3 Finish Quantum Refill’s for the dishwasher for $2.99 each. My bill says I saved $13.50 in total.

  2. Some not so good deals…everywhere.
    The price of Peanut Butter will be going up 20-40 percent!! So if you see a good deal on peanut butter.. stock up 🙂

  3. The honey nut cheerios 450 g box was on sale for $3.33 at rcss – not a big deal by itself. But there is a free yoplait product (big 650g of yoplait tubs or minigo or yops) coupon so thats pretty good. Think it was on all the cheerios cereal varieties – limit 2.

    Also saw hamburger helper boxes with free coupon inside for a 750g bag of green giant veg. Sorry couldnt find price on palette.

    About the pb, i saw that news piece too. Too bad it wasnt aired the week before as sobeys had the 1 kg jars on sale for $2.99!

  4. Old El Paso taco packages have on next purchase a $4.00 coupon for hamburger meat. The package I bought was $3.67. So it’s free, cuz I had the Cheese coupon from last package for $5.99.

    Hamburger Helper has a coupon for Green Giant veggies on next package of hamburger helper bought. Hamburger Helper was $1.67 at Superstore.

    Also, found a 50% OFF a big 2.27kg of the superstore cheese. Picked it up, reg price was $25.98 so paid $12.49.

    It was a great shopping day today, saved $93.84.


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