Cyber Monday Shopping Tips

1 Dec

Instead of posting which stores will have sales tomorrow, here are my tips for shopping online 🙂

Most stores will be having cyber monday deals, so check the sites that you want to shop from and follow these tips:

– If you don’t have a credit card, or don’t feel comfortable using your regular card to shop online, pick up a prepaid card. Make sure to read the fine print with them, some need to be registered online with your address to be valid for online shopping. Can be nice if you’re shopping on sites you normally don’t, or just generally don’t like to use yours online. And if you often use prepaid cards and are left with small amounts on them, go to amazon and purchase yourself gift cards in those small amount. You can add them right to your account 🙂

– If the site you are shopping from doesn’t offer free shipping, google the store and free shipping code etc. and often there’s a promo code somewhere online. On any other day than cyber monday i’d look up promo code too.

– If you collect airmiles, log into them to do your online shopping – when you go through them, you get to choose from lots of stores where you can earn airmiles on top.

– If there’s a minimum to spend and your purchase doesn’t come that high, either combine with a friend, or look at things you’d be purchasing anyway. I usually order a book from the discount section when i’m close on amazon, even things like the filter for our tassimo – saves me the trip of picking one up at a later date, and get the free shipping.

– Most stores will have some good deals for cyber monday, but make sure to check the regular clearance sections too – often some great deals in there, might as well combine the deals.

What are your best tips for shopping online? Any specific ones for Cyber Monday?


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