CSA Boxes in Manitoba for 2023 – Community Supported Agriculture

17 Jan

If you are wanting to eat healthier in the summer, more local produce, support local companies, save some money on groceries etc. – A CSA box is a great choice!

You get a box directly from the farm – you can choose every week, or every 2 weeks depending on what they offer. Some are only vegetables, some you can add meat or eggs to also. Some deliver, some are pickup at different spots – there’s so many great options depending what you are looking for and where you live.

We bought one last year for every 2 weeks – it was great! Definitely be ready to try a lot of new foods – I thought I had tried most veggies in my life….I was very wrong! 🙂 We tried several squashes we had never had before, and ends up my family is hooked on squash – especially acorn and delicata! Be ready to try new recipes and also make the time to use everything up. One thing I started to do was roast up everything that was leftover on Sundays. Make big veggie bowls with rice or quinoa. Really missing that amazing produce in the winter months. We liked it so much I signed up for a weekly box instead this summer!

Most sell out very quickly too, so if you find one that’s a good fit, don’t wait too long. Some offer early bird pricing, and you can put down a deposit and pay it off by a certain time etc. too. Just figure out what works for your budget.

When picking mine I figured out weekly what it was, versus what I’d normally spend on produce a week and the CSA was a very clear winner.

Here are your choices for 2023:

  • Hnatiuk Gardens has boxes available for pickup – You can sign up online for a full or half share.
  • Boundary Creek Farm has a lot of options for small and large shares – pickup and delivery options in the area too.
  • Food Ethos has monthly meat boxes – there are a lot to choose from. Lots of add ons too.
  • Wild Earth Farms has 2 sizes available and different days and spots for pickups across the city.
  • Almost Urban Vegetables has 2 types of boxes, and you can even add on a herb package too.
  • Fort Whyte Alive had boxes in 2022 – hopefully they do it for 2023 also! I’ll update when they do.
  • Blue Lagoon Organics has boxes in 2022 – waiting to see for 2023.
  • Haven Farms hasn’t updated for 2023 yet.
  • Jonathan’s Farm has lots of different choices for sizes and time you want the boxes – they even had a winter csa which is great.
  • Elemental Earth Gardens has 2 sizes a few spots for pickup.
  • Cramptons has two options to choose from, and you can also get delivery in certain areas.

If I missed any let me know and I will add them

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