CSA Boxes and more for 2018! (Community Supported Agriculture)

31 Jan

If you’re dreaming of summer produce – check out all of the amazing choices for CSA Boxes this year in Manitoba!

Not only can you get produce – you can get eggs, meat, baked goods and so much more.

Some will deliver to your home, others will deliver to pick up spots in the city. Some have early bird deals and are already filling up fast – some don’t have their info for 2018 up yet so I’ll add those to the bottom to keep an eye on. Some are year round too – lots of great choices for all budgets and family sizes! Great idea to plan early too and split a box with someone.

These can end up saving you a lot over a summer – eating fresh local food, saving you on take out – and a great way to support all kinds of local biz too!

  • Hnatiuk Gardens has their info for 2018 up – theirs runs from end of June to Early Oct.  and they are offering early bird pricing until March 1st. They have full and half shares available and you can sign up now online for it.
  • Jonathan’s Farm offers full and half shares – and they offer pickups in the city. They have early bird pricing until April 1st.
  • Boundary Creek Farm has a ton of options for 2018 and registration is open. They offer small and large shares and all kinds of pickup and delivery options.
  • Food Ethos Farm has a bunch of choices – meat share, CSA and more. Check out their site to see it all.
  • Blue Lagoon Organic has a few choices – different box sizes, pickup or delivery and you can even add eggs to it which is great!
  • Wild Earth Farms has lots of great choices for 2018 and tons of info on their site, and great pickup locations too!
  • Hearts & Roots offers full share only and pickup is once a week in the city or on the farm. It’s a smaller one, so don’t wait if you want a spot.
  • Almost Urban Vegetables runs from mid June to end of September. They offers 2 sizes and 2 pickup spots. Registration is open now and there’s a great list of the kind of stuff you might get.
  • Crampton’s Market offers food boxes and bags….not a ton of info on their site so contact them if it suits you.


Some don’t have their prices or info up for 2018 yet – but you can check out their 2017 info to get an idea and contact them if it suits you.

  • Metanoia Farmers sold out last year and they were offering full and half shares.
  • Harborside Farms had some neat options for meat in 2017 – chickens, eggs, Pastured Pork, Grassfed Lamb and Grassfed Beef and they deliver to Winnipeg! You can email them to get put on a waitlist for 2018.
  • Fort Whyte Farms doesn’t have their 2018 info up yet – but you can read about last year and contact them if it’s a match.
  • Natural Collective offered 2 share sizes in 2017 – no 2018 info yet.

I’ll keep updating as we get closer to summer – and I’ve I missed any, let me know!


2 Replies to “CSA Boxes and more for 2018! (Community Supported Agriculture)

  1. Hey! ours is a CSA farm as well, we are just outside of Landmark MB, our website is havenfarms.ca

    we are still new to the CSA game, but we carry mostly produce, and eggs and are getting goats this summer, and are going to the be at Transcona Farmers Markets in August 🙂

    We offer a few different types of programs , check us out!

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