Crow’s General Store in Brandon – new ice cream destination!

16 Aug

IMG_20160812_131413_editIf you feel like taking a drive and checking out a new fun spot, head to Crow’s General Store in Brandon.

We went and checked it out last week – it was a really neat destination.

It’s a little bit hard to find, 17th st. east cuts off for a bit but then comes back – but that was part of the fun too. We stopped and asked a few people, and then ended up way out of the way. Some nice ladies drew us a map to find it! I realized after there’s a map on their facebook page too, we had been within a minute of it too a few times.

It’s a site to see though – as old timey as it gets!

IMG_20160812_132107You can walk around the entire building, just looking at old items. Washing machines, decorations, records – you name it, it’s there.

And the inside is really neat too. They serve all kinds of ice cream, in cones, glass cups, and even floats to go. The ice cream was really good – and perfect after the drive there.

Our favourite thing was exploring the area. It’s large and there’s a lot to see.

The lighting outside was amazing, I got some great shots of the kiddo inside that heart. Would make a really neat spot for a wedding or anniversary – any event with lots of pictures.


The Old West backdrops would even be great for a birthday party, or themed photo ops. Dress up and have fun with it! 🙂

They have a facebook page that they update a lot – it looks like they’re adding nature walks and I can see them growing quite a bit in the future. A great place to bring visitors, elderly family and also a fun place for kids. It’s neat to look around at all the old items. My daughter had a great time there, and always fun to check out a new place.


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  1. I was there a few weeks ago, very friendly people, lots of antiques to look at, I remember a few from when I was a kid, and great maple walnut ice cream.

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