Coupon winners!

11 Feb

That was a lot of fun having everyone try to guess the top 5 keywords…but I have to say that no one even came close!!

The words were Ciao Winnipeg, Lux for Sprouts, Pop up restaurant Winnipeg, Palliser Outlet Winnipeg and Shopper’s Drugmart buy one get one free!!

There were so many good guesses that I’ve decided to just pick 3 winners at random, so congrats to michelle, Diane B and Carrie P who each win an envelope of coupons! 🙂  This one was fun, I’ll be doing this format again I think!

2 Replies to “Coupon winners!

  1. I’m very excited to be a winner! Thanks so much, Nadine!

    I would not have guessed any of those in a month’s worth of daily entries… except perhaps Shopper’s, if given enough time.

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