Coupon inserts in the free press

3 Nov

There were 2 coupon inserts in my Free Press this morning, here’s what’s in them:


75 cents off Nestea

2×1$ off colgate

$5 when you spend $10 on airwick freshmatic

$1 off lysol

$1 off frank’s red hot

$75 cents off mustard

$1 off splenda

$1 off speedstick

$1 off thrive

2x$1 off purell

bunch of scrubbing bubbles coupons

bunch of pedigree coupons


$1 off vileda scrunge

$3 off 2 scrunges

$1 off becel

$5 off when you spend $15 on glade

$1 off voortman cookies

bunch of live clean coupons

$1 off esterc


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