Coupon chain rules and reminders! :)

15 Nov

I get a lot of emails about how the chains work, how to join etc. so it’s time for a refresher.

The chains work like this, you get an envelope of coupons in the mail with a list. Take the coupons you want and add in your extras. Mail it or drop it off to the next person on the list – and post on the site that you got it and sent it on etc.

To join, just email me with your mailing address and what area you are in – be specific as I’m really, really bad with knowing the areas of the city for some reason. It’s free to join, but please make sure to read and follow the note I include with the chains! 😉

They’re organized by areas, and I think we’re up to about 15 chains now – and it’s constantly growing. A quick and easy way to get a huge variety of coupons! If I forgot anything, or you guys have something to add post it in the comments – what else should new people know about joining?

3 Replies to “Coupon chain rules and reminders! :)

  1. I thought there was one going out in my area but I haven’t ever receive one 🙁 I also have a ton that I won’t be using and would like to switch. Hooray for chains!

  2. Is there one in my area,Garden Grove,Meadowswest, Maples? I’ve requested more than once to be on the list, but have never seen any coupons:(

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