Costco Weekly Unadvertised Sales!

13 Jun

If you’re looking for summer items – hurry! Almost all the summer furniture had stars on the tags, meaning they’re on their way out. Here are the unadvertised sales of the week from the Regent location in weekend. It varies from store to store, but most should be the same. I was happy to see Starbucks coffee on sale, had been waiting for that one! 🙂

IMG_20160613_100955 IMG_20160613_101038 IMG_20160613_101155_edit IMG_20160613_101238_edit IMG_20160613_101247_edit IMG_20160613_101550 IMG_20160613_101741 IMG_20160613_101850 IMG_20160613_101959 IMG_20160613_102005 IMG_20160613_102035 IMG_20160613_102041 IMG_20160613_102346_edit IMG_20160613_102446 IMG_20160613_102510_edit IMG_20160613_102530 IMG_20160613_102547 IMG_20160613_102601_edit IMG_20160613_102646_edit IMG_20160613_102724_edit IMG_20160613_102756 IMG_20160613_102806 IMG_20160613_102837_edit_edit IMG_20160613_102900 IMG_20160613_102920 IMG_20160613_102942 IMG_20160613_102957 IMG_20160613_103021 IMG_20160613_103027 IMG_20160613_103102_edit IMG_20160613_103112 IMG_20160613_103117_edit IMG_20160613_103128 IMG_20160613_103157 IMG_20160613_103202 IMG_20160613_103211 IMG_20160613_103226 IMG_20160613_103303 IMG_20160613_103421_edit IMG_20160613_103651_edit IMG_20160613_103830_edit


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