Costco Weekly Coupons and markdown info etc. – stores are closed today though!

18 Feb

Costco stores are closed today for various holidays across Canada – but they’ll be back open Tuesday morning!

The weekly coupons are out, so you can get a little sneak peek of the sales for tomorrow – remember that Tuesday will be Markdown Monday – lots of good deals there for sure!  If you’re not familiar with that and have a Costco membership, make sure to read up on it. Really makes the membership worth it, especially on clothing.

As far as this week’s coupons, there’s a lot from last week – but there’s $100 off Kitchenaid Mixer, $3 off Glysomed lotion, $11 off Gilette Mach 3, $12 off Cold FX, $2 off butter chicken sauce – I was waiting for that one to stock up! You can check them all out online, or pick up the handout at the store tomorrow.

How does everyone feel about the store handout? At this point is it a waste of paper, or do you take it and really look at it? I never take them anymore because I’ve seen it online by then – but I do see them in all the carts etc.  Do you think it’s something they could phase out to save paper?

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