Costco Weekly Coupons

by Nadine on August 7, 2017

Most Costco stores are open today – just check your province to be sure. Lots of coupons this week, $20 off HP printer ink, $4 Men’s jeans, $8 off Leanfit protein powder, and many more! You can check these out online or pick up the handout at the store.

Check back in later today for all of the Unadvertised Deals. I also hear there will be some change with markdown mondays coming, either the dates or the setup for it so I’ll keep everyone posted with what I find out! I’ve been noticing so much markdown when I’m there, whether it’s a monday or a friday – so keep an eye out at the store, you’ll find all kinds of great deals that way! Perfect time to start putting some stuff away for the holidays too!

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