Costco Unadvertised Deals of the week – starting June 20th!

20 Jun

Here are the deals from the Regent location in Winnipeg – most sales should be the same at different stores. The snowsuits for little kids have been out for a while – but the big kid ones are out now too! I took a pic, even though it’s not on sale because it’s a hot item! Let me know what you guys want to see more of too, apart from just the unadvertised. Hot items, new items etc.

IMG_20160620_101133_edit IMG_20160620_101417_edit IMG_20160620_101605_edit IMG_20160620_101652_edit IMG_20160620_101828_edit IMG_20160620_101955_edit IMG_20160620_102110_edit IMG_20160620_102114_edit IMG_20160620_102238_edit IMG_20160620_102243_edit IMG_20160620_102259_edit IMG_20160620_102422_edit IMG_20160620_102427_edit IMG_20160620_102458_edit IMG_20160620_102501_edit IMG_20160620_102522 IMG_20160620_102545_edit IMG_20160620_102549_edit IMG_20160620_102619_edit IMG_20160620_102705_edit IMG_20160620_102743_edit IMG_20160620_102804_edit IMG_20160620_102904_edit IMG_20160620_103009_edit IMG_20160620_103014_edit IMG_20160620_103035_edit IMG_20160620_103042_edit IMG_20160620_103050_edit IMG_20160620_103112 IMG_20160620_103152_edit IMG_20160620_103228 IMG_20160620_103241 IMG_20160620_103247_edit IMG_20160620_103309 IMG_20160620_103312 IMG_20160620_103425_edit IMG_20160620_103432_edit IMG_20160620_103505_edit IMG_20160620_103517_edit IMG_20160620_103643_edit IMG_20160620_103829_edit IMG_20160620_103853_edit IMG_20160620_103910_edit IMG_20160620_103922_edit

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