Costco Unadvertised Deals of the Week starting July 18th

18 Jul

Here are the unadvertised deals of the week at Costco. The pictures are from the Regent store in Winnipeg, but the sales should be mostly the same at other stores. Make sure to check the dates as they’re not all the same, some sales are quite short, others last several weeks.

IMG_20160718_100319_edit IMG_20160718_100328_edit IMG_20160718_100353_edit IMG_20160718_100423_edit IMG_20160718_101044_edit IMG_20160718_101303_edit IMG_20160718_101308_edit IMG_20160718_101313_edit IMG_20160718_101420_edit IMG_20160718_101542_edit IMG_20160718_101548_edit IMG_20160718_101903_edit IMG_20160718_101928_edit IMG_20160718_102017 IMG_20160718_102033_edit IMG_20160718_102052_edit IMG_20160718_102102_edit IMG_20160718_102129 IMG_20160718_102203_edit IMG_20160718_102253_edit IMG_20160718_102318_edit IMG_20160718_102411_edit IMG_20160718_102529_edit IMG_20160718_102550_edit IMG_20160718_102630 IMG_20160718_102636_edit IMG_20160718_102701_edit IMG_20160718_102708_edit IMG_20160718_102715_edit IMG_20160718_102742_edit IMG_20160718_102906 IMG_20160718_103047_edit IMG_20160718_103116_edit IMG_20160718_103239_edit

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