Costco Unadvertised Deals of the Week starting August 15th!

15 Aug

Here are the unadvertised deals of the week at Costco – the pictures are from the Regent location in Winnipeg. Most sales will be the same at other stores, just make sure to keep an eye out.

IMG_20160815_100214_edit IMG_20160815_100219_edit IMG_20160815_100258_edit IMG_20160815_100320_edit IMG_20160815_100410_edit IMG_20160815_100551 IMG_20160815_100656_edit IMG_20160815_100817_edit IMG_20160815_100832_edit IMG_20160815_100957 IMG_20160815_101035 IMG_20160815_101046_edit IMG_20160815_101104_edit IMG_20160815_101150 IMG_20160815_101334_edit IMG_20160815_101358 IMG_20160815_101433_edit IMG_20160815_101502_edit IMG_20160815_101517_edit IMG_20160815_101558_edit IMG_20160815_101611_edit IMG_20160815_101731_edit IMG_20160815_101750 IMG_20160815_101820_edit IMG_20160815_101849 IMG_20160815_101921 IMG_20160815_101933_edit IMG_20160815_101939_edit IMG_20160815_102016_edit IMG_20160815_102203_edit IMG_20160815_102235_edit IMG_20160815_102247_edit IMG_20160815_102328_edit IMG_20160815_102515_edit IMG_20160815_102545_edit IMG_20160815_102635_edit

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