4 Replies to “Costco Unadvertised Deals of the Week!

  1. I enjoy your website. The costco weekly unadvertised sales are really helpful and I love the safeway and co-op deals of the week.
    Thank you for all the foot work you do.


  2. Yay! The “Food should Taste Good” chips were sold out when I went last week! So excited to see them on this list again! And you can’t go wrong with the Tetley if you’re a big tea drinker like me! Thanks so much for these posts each week!

  3. Grr…. Writing from St James who is sold out of Food Should Taste good chips as well… I guess it’s fate that I don’t get them lol. As a side bar, soccer cleats size 10-4 are down to 12.97, and shingaurds (which I never saw at Regent) are 8.97.

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