Costco Unadvertised deals of the week starting May 22nd

22 May

Here are the deals from the Regent location in Winnipeg – I should clarify. Here are the deals I could get pictures of. The store was insane this morning – started off with a super long lineup outside before it opened. Then sadly, people rushed the doors and didn’t wait nicely in line like the rest. I hate seeing that at stores – and guess  what, it didn’t get much better inside. It was super busy, people were talking on cell phones and bumping carts, hitting people, not apologizing for it – it was not a very fun shopping experience. I’m used to it being busy there, but it’s the rudeness that really tops it. People have to realize, everyone’s in a rush. If you’re in that much of a rush, a trip to Costco probably isn’t the best idea. No need to plow people over with your cart, and cut in line to get in, cut in line to pay.

Hopefully it was just an odd crowd this morning – and maybe it’ll get better today?

What are your shopping pet peeves? And do you honour lines or cut in line? Is waiting in line patiently a courtesy that has fallen out of fashion?

And of course there were tons of polite, good natured people there. But the ratio was definitely off today – by a lot.

So, let’s be kinder to each other. 🙂

Back to the sales, apart from those ending in .97, should be the same at all other stores. A lot of the sales were the same as last week too – nothing too impressive this week. And a lot of them were ending really soon too.

6 Replies to “Costco Unadvertised deals of the week starting May 22nd

  1. There’s absolutely no reason to be rude, push people around, etc. One of my pet peeves is leaving your cart in the middle of the aisle and walking to other aisles to shop and coming back. Isn’t it easier to take the cart with you? And if not, do you have to leave it in the middle of the aisle to block everyone else? I love grocery shopping, but certainly can be frustrating at times!!

  2. My pet peeve is people who get in the door and then stop to do I don’t know what, blocking everyone behind them. This isn’t just at Costco, it’s Walmart, Superstore, etc.

    • So true! This happens at Costco every time though, and then it bottle necks. I wonder if people forget what they’re doing there, or what section to head to.

  3. When people can’t be bothered to put back a shopping cart in the cart corral. And when they open stuff and decide this doesn’t taste good I’m not going to buy it even though I opened it. Thousands of dollars of stuff we have to throw out daily because of lazyness. Also leaving your free samples anywhere but in the garbage. These are things we have to put up with as Costco employees. Yes, Costco takes good care of us as employees but at the same time it’s frustrating. I do appreciate everyone of the members that shop at Costco don’t get me wrong. Without out you guys I wouldn’t have a job.

      • Yup. Sometime we find packages of tolite paper ripped open because people want to feel it before they buy it. Who doesn’t know what tolite paper feels like?
        One time I found a container of mayonnaise open with the lid off and someone stuck their finger in there to taste it. Who eats mayo out of a jar then decides I don’t want this?

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