Costco Unadvertised Deals of the week starting June 10th

10 Jun

Here are the pics from the Regent store in Winnipeg. Make sure to check out the Markdown post too.

My phone glitched out and there’s a few pics missing – Rye Bread was on sale for $5.39 minus $1.50…steaks were $5 off a pack and the super expensive steak stuff beside it was $10 off. Ground beef was down to $7.29 per kilo….not a sale but just a price reduction. It’s really worth knowing your prices at Costco, because they do lower things once in a while – and you wouldn’t know unless you knew the original price.

Before people ask too – i did check the discard bin for the pics and other places and they just disappeared…’s a weird mix in the middle too….the store was super busy and chaotic so maybe i hadn’t locked my phone and accidentally deleted a few while trying to squeeze around. Nothing major at least  🙂



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  1. This is great! Had no idea about this website till yesterday. But unfortunately now I have to make that trip to Costco…was hoping to skip it this week😜 thank you for taking the time and sharing this with us!

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