Costco Unadvertised Deals of the week starting February 4th

4 Feb

Here are all of the Unadvertised deals of the week at Costco – these pics are from the Regent store in Winnipeg.

I threw in some markdowns, those end in .97 and are store specific, but always a good idea to check your local store.

Quite a few meat deals today, but watch your prices. Ground beef went up in price…so even though it’s $4 off a package, not a big savings. That peameal bacon – there are smaller packages, always good to grab those when it’s a set amount off. Better deal to get 2 smaller ones than one large one.

A few new items today that I’m curious about – the Keg horseradish sauce and Creme Brulee yogourt – who has tried these, and are they any good?

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