Costco Unadvertised Deals of the week starting April 22nd

22 Apr

Wow! Easter Monday at Costco isn’t for the faint of heart – or for anyone in a rush!

It was super busy last year and this year pretty similar at the Regent location. If you don’t need to go today, just wait. Not worth the frustration….

Lots of good sales though – and new items as usual. So much fun summer stuff out. And yummy foods back too! I have been waiting for those crispy jalapenos forever! They are awesome on burgers, sandwiches…pretty much anything!

Quite a few markdowns left too – remember that those are store specific.

I got as many pics as I could but it was a zoo in there so I’m sure I missed some. Always want to make sure I don’t get people in them either.

What summer stuff at Costco is everyone else looking forward to?

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