Costco Markdown Monday deals!

4 Jul

IMG_20160704_100608 IMG_20160704_100744 IMG_20160704_100748 IMG_20160704_100906 IMG_20160704_101014 IMG_20160704_101136 IMG_20160704_101207 IMG_20160704_101211 IMG_20160704_101300 IMG_20160704_101406 IMG_20160704_101508 IMG_20160704_101511 IMG_20160704_101721_edit IMG_20160704_111149_edit IMG_20160704_111157_edit IMG_20160704_111204_editToday is Markdown Monday at Costco! If you haven’t been – it’s amazing deals on all kinds of stuff! The tags are actually changed – not marked down so you have to really keep an eye out to find them. Nothing is highlighted or announced – but you can tell by the crazy prices! Here are some of the deals I found at the Regent location today – those sports bras are normally around $20 and today they’re $5.97! Mens shorts for $5, pants for $7 etc.  Deals for clothes for the whole family – and it can also be other items around the store – seasonal stuff, toys etc. Everything ends in 97 or 98- so keep an eye out!

Markdown Monday every fourth Monday – so mark it on your calendars! And let me know what deals you find at your local store!


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