Costco Markdown Monday Deals!

1 Aug

Every 4th Monday, Costco marks down a ton of product! These sales are not advertised, and they are different at every single location. They won’t last long either -just until they sell out. It can really vary, from household goods, to clothing, shoes etc.  Good idea to mark it down on your calendar and head down early to score the deals! Here are some examples from the Regent location in Winnipeg – let me know what you find at your local store!

IMG_20160801_100151_edit IMG_20160801_100200_edit IMG_20160801_100313_edit IMG_20160801_100351_edit IMG_20160801_100435 IMG_20160801_100447_edit IMG_20160801_100604_edit IMG_20160801_100623_edit IMG_20160801_100631_edit IMG_20160801_100636_edit IMG_20160801_100806_edit IMG_20160801_100808_edit IMG_20160801_100903_edit IMG_20160801_101129_edit IMG_20160801_101337_edit IMG_20160801_101552 IMG_20160801_101614 IMG_20160801_101721 IMG_20160801_101735 IMG_20160801_102239_edit IMG_20160801_102348_edit IMG_20160801_102500_edit IMG_20160801_102725_edit IMG_20160801_102731_edit IMG_20160801_102857 IMG_20160801_102908_edit IMG_20160801_102924_edit IMG_20160801_102959_edit IMG_20160801_103004_edit

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