Costco Executive coupons for January 2019

27 Dec

If you’re an Executive member at Costco, check your mailbox! They came with the latest issue of their magazine.

If you haven’t gotten them in a few days, you can check at the store. Make sure your info is up to date etc.

There’s up to $225 in savings in it!

These coupons are only for Executive members and are valid January 7th to 20th 2019.


  • $10 off Align Probiotic
  • $10 Gillette Razor and Cartridges
  • $4 off Simply Protein bars
  • $3 off Harvest Creek chicken breast bites
  • $2.50 off Cranberry Crunch cereal
  • $2.50 off Saputo Havarti cheese
  • $2 off Kraft cream cheese
  • $2 off Villagio bread
  • $10 off Oral B replacement heads
  • $4.80 off Cascade Power Actionpacs
  • $4.20 off Bounty paper towels
  • $2.50 off Dawn dish soap
  • $4 off Tide pods
  • $3.50 off Downy
  • $3.50 off always long pantiliners
  • $3.50 off Always ultra thin overnight pads
  • $3 off Crest Pro health mouthwash

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