Costco Canada Markdown Monday calendar 2024

28 Nov

Every fourth Monday at Costco stores across Canada, they mark down certain items.

You will notice them with prices ending in .97. They are not highlighted, so you need to search them out in store. The variety is very very different from store to store. And once they’re gone they’re gone. The really hot deals will sell out very quickly, so I recommend being there when the store opens if you can.

Every year I post up this calendar so you’ll know which days to go. Some of them do fall on holidays, so it would move to Tuesday – the day after. If there’s any changes throughout the year, I will definitely update also.

It’s not anything new either, I’ve been putting up these calendars since 2018. A lot of great Monday markdowns every 4 weeks.

I also post the markdowns from my store every time it happens, in case you’re just curious what kind of deals there are. Just search markdown Monday on my site and they’ll all pop up.

Here is the calendar for 2024:

– January 22nd

– February 19th – because of the holiday it moves to the 20th.

– March 18th

– April 15th

– May 13th

– June 10th

– July 8th

– August 5th

– September 2nd, and because of the holiday it should move to the 3rd.

– September 30th

– October 28th

– November 25th

– December 23rd

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