Costco Canada ending seniors hours

13 Jul

Costco in the states is ending their seniors hour in the morning on July 26th.

Canada is keeping theirs going until August 23rd. After that, stores across Canada will be open for business at 9:00 a.m. for people of all ages, back to their regular pre-pandemic hours.

I have confirmed this with an out of province store, and a Winnipeg store that it’s for all locations across Canada.

9 Replies to “Costco Canada ending seniors hours

  1. Im so glad this is ending. It should end sooner.
    Its hard as a non senior to get into the store and make it to work on time.

    Its one thing to have a seniors day one day a week… but everyday except Sundays its Brutal!

  2. So glad this is ending. It should have ended a lot sooner!

    Its hard for anyone under the age of 60 to get into Costco in the morning. certain products would be out of stock before we even had the chance to enter to store.

    And some of the entitled seniors in line, demanding special treatment was unbelievable.

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