Collect and Claim your rewards easily with the new #PampersRewards App!

by Nadine on June 28, 2017

The new time-saving diaper rewards program we’ve all been waiting for! #momhack #pampersrewards #ad

When my daughter was a baby, I loved the Pampers Rewards program!

It was always nice to get something extra for things you buy anyway. But one thing I didn’t love was collecting all those little stickers with codes and inputting them one by one into the computer – hoping to not misread them with my sleepy eyes. I always stocked up on diapers when there was a big sale, so it would be pretty time consuming to do them all at once. But of course worth it for the freebies! We got all kinds of neat stuff like toys for the baby, gift cards and photo printing….but this was a long time ago, and things have really changed!

We were going through old pictures recently and it was funny to see all the packs of Pampers stacked in the closet. Once you hit certain sizes you know they’ll be in that one for quite a while, think it was size 3 or 4.

Fast-forward to 2017 and Wow! What an improvement! I tested the new Pampers Rewards App out myself to see if even I could figure it out! It’s a brand new app from Pampers available for free in the App Store or Google Play, so look out for it on your mobile phone. I downloaded the Pampers Rewards App from the App store and it took two seconds.

I found the code inside the pack of diapers and once you scan the code (directly from the app!), it gets uploaded to the Pampers Rewards App and gives you points. That was it! Couldn’t have been any easier! And you get 100 FREE Bonus points immediately just for downloading the app and signing up! You also get an additional 50 FREE Bonus points when you scan your first code.

We had fun looking through all the cool rewards they have now – still lots of choice for mom and dad, and also for the baby too! Plus, they’re making some more updates to the available rewards in the next few weeks! You get points on diapers and wipes too so that can add up really quickly!

I like how easy it is to download the Pampers Rewards App and be ready to go. It’s also easy to use wherever, whenever. Perfect for when you’re on the go too. No need to save the stickers with codes or wait until you have time to do a bunch of them. You can scan and upload the codes right when you open the pack, no matter where you are.

There’s lots of coupons and offers through the Pampers Rewards App too so keep an eye out for those if you like to stock up as much as I did!

Have you tried the new Pampers Rewards App yet? What have you redeemed with your points or what are you looking forward to saving up to redeem? Let me know!

Thank you to Pampers for sponsoring this post. All comments and opinions are my own.


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