Cold fx and immunity fx coupons!

20 Sep

It’s that time of year again – going to be a lot of colds soon! Check out this site to get coupons for 4$ of cold fx and 8$ off immunity fx. Has anyone used these? Do they work well? What do you guys do to avoid colds?

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    • I have been using ColdFX regular strength for a couple of years and get few colds, or shortlasting if any, and my husband has used ColdFX ExtraStrength when he thinks he is beginning to get a cold and it seems to hold it back or reduce symptoms.
      I look for them on sale and purchase with a coupon (available from time to time at values from $2 to $4). Safeway has them this week for about 20.95, Walmart for 16.87, and PharmaPlus for 17.77, for about 45 capsules. The 80 capsule regular strength can also be the same price and I got a couple of packages recently, plus coupons for about $20. They come in a few sizes of packaging, including a small pack that has been on sale at Safeway for about $11 from time to time.
      They are for adults and children over 12. Caution is given on the label for anyone taking warfarin, if pregnant or breastfeeding, or impaired liver or renal function. The main ingredient is north american ginseng and if allergy to ginseng, do not take.

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