Co-op Fuel Up To Win!

19 Mar

Co-op is having their very popular fuel up to win promotion again.

We had fun with this one last year, as we had done a road trip while it was on so we had collected quite a few tickets. We didn’t win, but was some entertainment along the way at least 🙂

It’s a fun game – you get a collector card or map and there are different sections to fill out. You can get game tickets at co-op stations and market place. You get a card with every transaction, spend $50 or more get 2 tickets, spend $100 or more and get 3 tickets.

Peel off the stickers and attach them to the right section – complete a section and you win the prize. Some places are very rare of course. You can also instant win items, like groceries or discounts. And there’s also a pin to play online.

You can check out all the details on their site – you can see a list of all the prizes and who has won so far etc.

Have you won anything yet this year? Or previous years? Which stickers are the hard to get ones for 2014?

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