City of Winnipeg Priceless Fun Guide

19 Jun

If you’re starting to plan out activities for the kids and aren’t doing camp or looking for filler activities, the city’s Priceless fun guide is a great place to look!

There are a lot of free options for all kinds of activities – and it’s all free.

There’s the times and locations for free swim, there’s free play for little kids and sports nights for older kids. The library offers all kinds of activities for the little ones – and up to 12 can join their reading club. There’s free movies at the Downtown library, all kinds of classes and so much more.

You can search by area too – whether you live there or want to head to a certain area. Great for meeting up with other families. It also lists the splash pads and skate parks in your area too which is handy.

For my area there’s some gardening classes, computer stuff, disc golf and more – it’s a really big variety from area to area.

Great idea to look through it – and bookmark some activities or make plans to meet up with friends! And look through to the end – there’s a bogof coupon for swimming during non-free times!

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