Cineplex Flashback Film Series!

26 Dec

If you love to watch older movies and want to see them on the big screen, the Cineplex Flashback film series is for you!

Normally it’s just one week or so of older movies, this time they’ve spread them out, and they also play in theatres for a lot longer too.

  • Jan 4th to 17th – Smokey and the Bandit
  • Jan 18th to 31st – Superman
  • Feb. 1st to 14th – Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless mind
  • Feb. 15th to 28th – Being John Malkovich
  • March 1st to 14th – Thelma and Louise
  • March 15th to 28th – Spaceballs
  • March 29th to April 11th – The Matrix

Lots of fun choices too – and you can buy tickets online already.  Make sure to check for your city. It’s only $7 per show too!

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