Cineplex Classic Film Series

4 Oct

If you’re like me and love old movies, you’ll be happy to hear that Cineplex is going to keep playing some oldies but goodies! This summer they played a lot of old ones, we got to take my mom and daughter to see Goonies on the big screen. Neither had seen it before so it was the perfect introduction. They also had some real old classics – they played some old Hitchcock’s and one one of James Dean’s movies – can’t remember if it was Rebel Without A Cause or East of Eden.

This new one starts with some real oldies – there’s a Double feature before Halloween – The Mummy and The Wolfman – and I’m talking oldies, these are the originals from the 1930’s! How neat to get to see them on the big screen! It’s only $6 for this double feature too which is an scary night out!

They will also be playing Gone With the Wind and It’s a Wonderful Life! Not sure how these will translate or appeal to the younger generation – when we went to Goonies there were maybe only 15 of us in the theatre but it was a lot of fun. You can check their site to see if it will play at your local theatre.

I love that Cineplex is doing this – I love introducing my daughter to some oldies and I think some of these will make for some great date nights!

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