Chocolate, Chocolate and More Chocolate…..

3 Apr

Now that I have your undivided attention regarding Chocolate…You’ll be happy to hear – Once again, Lindt Chocolate is having their midnight madness sale!

When: TOMORROW! April 4th
Location: 1570 Kenaston Boulevard, Unit 150 If you aren’t in Winnipeg, check HERE for a store close to you!
Time: Says 8-12am HOWEVER, It all depends on where you are.
In Winnipeg – It will be happening 7pm-11pm.

It doesn’t matter what you celebrate on April 20th, be it Easter or 4/20 – Hit up the sale and be prepared with quality chocolates that are sure to conquer any cravings you might have!

How do you like your chocolate?!

Check out more on this Winnipeg Blog!

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