China Lily Soya sauce update 2021

12 Jan

There was a recent article saying that the China Lily soya sauce company had closed last summer and was supposed to be moving to a new unknown location.

If you’re a fan of this soya sauce, you’ve probably noticed it can be very hard to find at certain times. There have been many shortages over the years, and because it’s a lot of people’s family favorites they tend to stock up on it when they can find it.

I have spoken to them at the factory, and they in fact have moved to Scarborough. Which is actually very close to their original location. They are located on McCowan now, you can’t go buy it in person, you can still just get it at the stores.

They are shipping out thousands of cases of week, and are back in full production.

They moved for a better location, better truck access and easier for their employees.

The article I mentioned at the beginning stated that no one ever saw employees going in or out of the location in Toronto, and made it sound like it was a very mysterious, almost creepy type of company. I think they worded it that way to cause some drama and mystery, but the person I talked to with the factory was very friendly, super informative and they are not trying to hide anything.

So, keep enjoying this Canadian made product and keep an eye out at your local store because they will be receiving stock very shortly if they’ve been out.

Also, I know a lot of people were missing their gravies and other canned products and they are no longer making them….but, we are looking into maybe bringing back some of the old favourites too!

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  1. I’d like to see them bring back the glass bottle dispenser. I always kept one for the table but, the last one I had was accidentally thrown out when I was out of town and had someone caring for my kids. The bottle was empty so throw it out. This was right after they discontinued them and I haven’t been able to get another. I miss it.

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