Children’s Hospital Fundraiser

2 May

 If you’re part of our facebook group you already know about this fundraiser – we voted as a group for a charity we would all like to support! 🙂 The idea is this, for the entire month of May donate what you can to help us reach our goal of $3000 – whatever you can afford to do!

For me, I will be donating my coupon savings etc. for the month – anything I save at the store I will be adding to the fund 🙂  Some good suggestions were things like bring some baked goods to work and ask for a little donation for a treat, roll up all the spare change in your house, skip Starbucks a few times etc. – and a lot of people will be holding special sales all month to raise funds to donate so keep an eye out for those. The idea being, small or big, everyone can scrape together something to donate. What are your fun ways to raise funds for charity?

I will be updating as the month goes on of how we’re doing on reaching our goal – to donate we set up a page through the Children’s Hospital – I think as a group we can easily reach our goal! 🙂

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