Childrens Hospital Book Sale Coming up at St. Vital Centre!

24 Aug

These book sales have been a favourite with our family for years – and this one is the perfect time to stock up on some winter reading!

If you haven’t been before, it’s set up across the entire mall at St. Vital Centre and there is an unbelievable selection of books! The books are all in amazing shape too – lots are either new or like new. Great for collectors too.

There are books for babies, kids, teens, adults – things about hobbies, art, music, history – you name it, they have it! Great prices too! Perfect if your kids are reading series too, you can usually find most if not all of them there at a huge price reduction.

Best part is that it’s all volunteer run and the money goes to the Children’s Hospital!

This next one will run from Sept. 27th to 29th – you can check their site for hours when we get closer.  Good time to mark it on the calendar!

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