Children’s Hospital Book Market

3 Feb

Starting this Thursday at St. Vital Centre it’s the Children’s Hospital Book Market.

If you haven’t been before, it’s a sale that spreads out across the whole mall in the center sections. There are all types of books for every type of reader. There are some really specific sections too, so you can always find something good.

We’ve found some great deals – last year by London Drugs there was a whole section of fiction hardcovers that were only $1 and a lot of them were really new. It was a goldmine for me, put away some books for quiet times instead of always using the e-reader.

For kids it’s great – my daughter goes through books so quickly it gets really expensive at the book store. Here you can find all types of books for 50 cents to a few dollars depending on the type. I like that there’s also a lot of french books too.

Last year I had fun picking out books to donate to the school – they had giant bundles of old Highlights magazines that had never been used. $1 per giant bundle!! I loaded up on those – so many activities for kids in those! And it’s great if your kid likes a specific type of book – choose your own adventure books can be harder to find, and we’ve found some every year there.

The hours are Thursday and Friday from 9:30am to 9pm and Saturday from 9:30am to 6pm. It’s all volunteers and the money goes to a great cause so make sure to check it out! Perfect time to pick books up for your school, for yourself – or even plan ahead and put together things for the kids to do on spring break for cheap! There’s always lots of great activity books and novels for kids!

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