Childcycle Semi-Annual Children’s Consignment Sale

11 Apr

“Childcycle Semi-Annual Children’s Consignment Sale offers a way to Reduce the clutter in your home! Reuse and Recycle gently used items! Winnipeg’s Largest baby and kids consignment sale that allows anyone to buy or sell! Come down and see the 10,000 sq feet of deals. We will change the way you shop!”
Sounds great right?!

The sale runs on April 12th, 2014 (open to the public) 9am-12noon – Closes at Noon, and re-opens at 1pm where things are discounted, many half priced, until 3pm.
At the Glenwood Community Centre – 27 Overton St.

I had the opportunity to go shopping with my sister-in-law (due next month!) and it was a very exciting time! 10,000 sq feet of child related items everywhere – all organized nicely! Lots of room to walk around and shop. We were able to go to their pre-sale, so had a chance to look at everything, from shoes-toys, books – clothes without a whole bunch of people pushing us around.
We got a fair bit of stuff and spent under $50 combined!
I love the fact that they are able to take Cash, Debit, Visa and Mastercard (sorry, no Amex).
photo 4(1)
This child cycle consignment sale happens twice a year. Spring/Summer, and then again for a Fall/Winter.
If you have kids and never been. Check it out. You can find a lot of good deals.
If you have kids and wanted to sell some clothes and whatever else you have laying around child related, this is a pretty fun way to do it.  There is a website HERE that you can check out the guidelines and rules as to what you can or cannot sell, and also a recommended price list guide line. That being said, you can price your clothes any which way you want. So when you are shopping, dig! Dig through the clothes, we have found some awesome clothes for $2.00 a piece, but after searching a little more, found the same ones for $1.50 and it came with a couple other pieces of clothing.

If you plan on attending the consignment sale April 12th, 2014 (or in the future) Some helpful tips:
*Show up early! There isn’t a lot of parking available, you’ll need street parking/school parking, and the community centre parking.
*If you’re buying clothes, take your time and dig through! You may find a samesie for a cheaper price!
*Bring your own bags/things to carry your items in (maybe a friend or two to pack mule?)
*Make sure you’re well rested, there is no sitting area! (Maybe this can change? My 8 months pregnant sister in law, poor girl was having a hard time! Feet swelling and sore from looking at all the clothes and then again for another 10 minutes or so in line)
* If you bring your child/children, please ensure you have snacks and drinks for them, something to keep them happy while you shop!
*Have a great time! The sale is Semi-Annual so if you don’t get what you need/what you are looking for this time around, don’t sweat it. Try again at the next sale!
*Keep up to date with the sale via Facebook or Website.

If you have an event happening in Winnipeg, contact this Winnipeg Blog and let us know.
Keep your eyes peeled for more local events, deals and giveaways!

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