Chicken soup for the soul – here comes the bride! Review and giveaway

1 Aug

It’s been a long time since I was a bride! This new book from Chicken Soup for the soul, Here Comes the Bride brings you right back to that time! Great stories about all aspects of becoming and being a bride – funny ones, moving one, ones you can identify with. There’s stories about the proposal, the family drama, all of the planning, all the things that go wrong, the dress etc.

This book would make an amazing bridal shower gift – something for her to read when she needs some inspiration, someone to comiserate with, some stories to make her laugh and to see that these things happen to everyone! 🙂

And thanks to Chicken Soup, 2 lucky people will each be winning their own copy of this book! To enter, comment below with what went wrong at your wedding, or a funny wedding story. You know everyone has one! 😉 Contest open to all Canadians, and will end Friday August 3rd at noon – Good Luck to everyone!

5 Replies to “Chicken soup for the soul – here comes the bride! Review and giveaway

  1. I had a destination wedding and everyone was on Carribean time… We were late for me walking down the aisle and I was getting impatient (really, who cares how the mother of the brides hair looks…) Finally the golf cart picked us up and we got there, only to have my mom trip down the set of the stairs leading to the beach. I felt pretty mad for rushing her… The next best thing is looking at all our photo’s/video and seeing a random guy in a speedo watching our ceremony 🙂

  2. aw… August 2nd is my wedding anniversary… what timing! But honestly a co-worker just got engaged so I would gift this to her.

    during our vows, my husband actually put my wedding band on my right hand, not my left. And thank goodness our marriage commissioner was a family friend because at the last minute we realized we didn’t have a marriage license! we had the ceremony and signed our own guest book and at the reception her hubby brought the actual license and we signed it then! My niece also fell in the pool with her dress on! thankgoodness she could swim and didn’t panic~! what a day! So happy it’s a nice memory.

  3. My sister in law and I aren’t friends !! She was so miserable and wanted the day to be about her. She went behind my back and bought other flower girl dresses for her daughters to wear. My gift to the girls was their dresses only to find out that they didn’t wear what I got them.

  4. At my cousin’s wedding, my 7 year old sister sat joyously watching the ceremony. As she watched, she saw from the corner of her eye my grandmother dabbing at her eyes with a tissue. In a moment, as captured on film, her face crumpled and tears began pouring down her face. My sister always did have an empathetic heart- a characteristic that provides much laughter whenever the story is recalled.

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