Chicken Soup for the Soul, Family Caregivers – Review and Giveaway

25 Apr

 Another great new book from Chicken Soup for the Soul – Family Caregivers. It’s 101 stories of love, sacrifice and bonding. There are so many people in this situation, taking care of a family member while still having to take care of their own family. This book is a great resource for them, offering up some hope, some laughs and just some comiseration too. Taking care of someone can be very stressful, costly and I love that there’s a book like this for people to read, get some tips and advice, see how others did it and just something to help destress a bit. Sometimes when you know others are in the exact same boat as you it just makes you feel better, and helps you to keep going.

The sections in this book are great too – lessons learned, all you need is love, perseverance, saying goodbye and more.

There are some amazing stories in this one, and a lot of them really hit home. Even if you’re not taking care of a family member (or someone else) right now, you’ll find that a lot of people you know are represented in the book. I find it a great guide too to help others who are dealing with a tough situation like that. Whether it’s old age, mental illness, an accident – the book covers it all.

There’s also really great advice in the book – how to deal with many of the situations and stages that will arise taking care of someone else, and how to deal with them.

Thanks to Chicken Soup for the Soul, 2 lucky people will each be winning their own copy of this book. To enter, post up why you’d want to win this book. Contest open to all Canadians and will end Monday April 30th at noon. Good Luck to everyone!

8 Replies to “Chicken Soup for the Soul, Family Caregivers – Review and Giveaway

  1. My sister and I were just talking about our changing family with our parents aging, how we’ll need to figure out new arrangements for care. As a mom who had children later in life, the thought is challenging as I still have very young children to care for and my sister still has five in the home! So we’ll need lots of encouragement in the days ahead . . .

  2. I wou ld love to give this to my MIL who is looking after her husband who has alzheimers. Tough time for both of them.

  3. I LOVE the Chicken Soup Books. I will be moving provinces in a few months and feel horrible about leaving my father. He is a lonely old hermit that I love and adore, but is aging quickly and finding daily tasks more difficult. I go out of my way to take him shopping and run errands for him, and I hope he’ll be OK for the few years that I’ll be gone.

  4. I would love this for my sister. I live 6 hours away from my family so when my mother got sick it was my sister who stepped in. She has sacrificed so much to care for our mother. Enduring endless phone calls and demands, taking care of medication, looking after day programs, taking care of toileting issues…I have no idea what we would do if not for my sister! I have to add that she has been doing all this for year – and more recently has been doing it while still working full time and planning her own wedding!

  5. I’d love a copy of this book as I enjoy the heart warming stories of Chicken Soup for the Soul books and would love to add this one to my collection!

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