Celebrate Valentine’s Day with Hallmark #LoveHallmarkCA

by Nadine on February 9, 2017


Valentine’s Day is one of my favourite holidays – love the decorations, the colours and all the heart felt messages. To me it’s about more than just roses or a couple’s date night – it’s a time to let people know how you feel. And so many cute options for it too at Hallmark!

This year they have adorable Emoticon cards for the kids to hand out at school – but could also be fun to do at an office. Really, who doesn’t love getting a Valentine?

Lots of great cards to choose from too, my daughter loves mailing cards for holidays to friends and family. Getting something in the mail is an easy way to brighten someone’s day. Simple to do, but it really means a lot to the recipient. A fun habit to get into with cousins, grandparents, great grandparents etc.


IMG_20170209_085206_editThe new cards for Valentine’s day this year are just too cute – they look handmade and are something you’d want to display. Perfect for those who aren’t super crafty too.

I really like the Cheers to Us stemless wineglasses. Great for Valentine’s – but also a fun idea to pick them up now if you have an anniversary or wedding gift coming up. Could make for a super cute gift – include a nice bottle of wine and you’re all set .

There’s also a lot of new cork inspired products, like this cork journal and cork coasters. Nice gifts, not just for Valentine’s at all.


IMG_20170209_085022_editOne of my other fave’s is wrapping supplies – I absolutely love the XOXo bag – there’s also new spiral tissue to really fancy things up. Again, these would be perfect for any couple’s type gift.

How does your family celebrate Valentine’s day? Do your kids look forward to handing out Valentine’s at school? We’re unfortunately getting to the end of that – so maybe we can just hand some out at home instead for fun! 🙂




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