Cat Licensing in #Winnipeg

8 Jan

Did you know cats now need to be licensed in Winnipeg? It’s been discussed a lot in our facebook group and it seems that a lot of people haven’t heard of this – even cat owners. Sometimes it can be hard to get the info in time, and this has been the law since Jan. 1st so a great time to get it done.

Half of the funds collected from this will be put toward local spay and neuter programs which would really help curb the overpopulation of cats in Winnipeg. If you own a spayed cat your annual license is $15, for one that’s not fixed it’s $50. You get a tag to attach to their collar in case they ever run away – it’s also against the law in Winnipeg to let your cats roam, which is another one I think a lot of people don’t realize, or at least don’t obey. You can have your cat on a leash though, which is something I think I’ve yet to see.

If you’re on the fence for doing it and have an indoor only cat – the fine for not getting it done is $250 minimum so it’s quite the gamble. If you’re fostering them temporarily or if they’re under 6 months old you don’t need them licensed.

If you’re a cat owner or do fostering it’s a great idea to check out the city’s website and read up on it more – good way to find out where the money is going and why they chose to do it this way. You can also get all the info on how to purchase it – there’s a lot of choices.

What do you think of the new licensing law? Do you think the city has advertised it enough, or is this your first time hearing of it? Do you think it will help with the cat population, and if not what else do you think could be done? And if you’re not in Winnipeg, does your city do cat licensing and has it helped there?

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  1. I think the Cat License thing is crazy.
    I am a responsible cat owner – my cats NEVER go outside – and I know that it is against the law to let cats outside to “roam”.
    I think the new law to have your cat licensed is just a money grab by the City!!
    How are they ever going to enforce it?
    Are they going door to door asking to get inside private homes and check for cats?
    Seeing as I keep my cats indoors 100% of the time I have no intention of getting licenses for them.
    If they fine me $250 for each of my 2 cats……………then I will just be handing my cats over to them and saying “keep them”.

    It is just a crazy crazy thing to try and do!!!

    Did you know that they also stopped the incentive to pay for a 2 year license for your dog?
    You used to be able to pay for 2 years at a time and save $5 ($30 per year but if you pay 2 years at a time it would only cost you $55).
    Now you can’t do that anymore!!!
    Another money grab!!


  2. I have a cat and I have no intention of licensing her. She has been spayed and is pretty much an indoor cat. I let her out on the balcony in the summer but since I live on the 7th floor it is highly unlikely that she will go roaming the streets or get lost (she has her chip anyway). Why is only half the money demanded from cat owners going to fixing strays? Where is the other half going? Another money grab by the city? I think I have been a responsible cat owner by having her spayed and having a chip implanted, but I am not licensing my cat.

  3. I’ve licensed my two kittens that I got from the Humane Society in mid-December. I thinks it’s a good way of encouraging responsible pet ownership. The money will go towards cheaper spaying and neutering, and it will also make it more likely that you get your lost cat back (and any cat can get lost). It’s a minimal cost and it’s the law, so do it.

  4. Thanks for the link to the website. I live out of town and from what I read it doesn’t impact me. I have always been a responsible pet owner for my 2 indoor cats. I think paying $ every year to license them is a bit crazy… The website DOES NOT answer however if vets are required to get licensing information, and if they will be required to report it if you don’t have one?!?!?

  5. I have four cats that I adopted out of the goodness of my heart. I pay for all their food, vet bills, shelter, and any other supplies they need. They are all neutered. They are not allowed to go outside. The city has not contributed in any way to their wellbeing. I receive no tax breaks or benefits for my cats, nor do they affect anyone else’s lives outside those who live in my house.

    Needless to say, I won’t be paying the licensing fee. I will take the money that I would have been forced to pay to the city and donate it to the shelter of my choice.

    And if I get fined, I’ll see them in court. I guarantee they will spend more money than its worth fighting me. I strongly urge other people to stand up against this ridiculous cash grab, especially those in my situation who NEVER let their cats outdoors.

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