Cascades – My pretty Playhouse – Review and giveaway

28 Nov

 Looking for a different type of gift for xmas or a birthday?

We got to try out a Cascades playhouse – it shows up in a gigantic box, so very exciting for the kiddo who receives it. It was actually very easy to assemble, took us under 5 minutes to do so. The house is made of 100% recycled cardboard – there are doors, windows, window planters etc. to add detail too.

My 6 year old loved it – we assembled it and took a day to come up with a colour scheme. We decorated it together over a few days, carefully painted bricks, awnings etc.  It looks great – we assembled it in the living room and it was supposed to make it’s way to the basement but she’s been having so much fun in it that it has stayed up here. She’s pretty tall, but can just stand in it – she’s filled it with blankets and pillows, she goes in there to read, uses it as a dressing room and so on. And our dog loves it in there while she’s away at school – perfect little hideaway for him, can hear him snoring away in it 🙂

The playhouse sells for $35 – which includes shipping. I think it’s an awesome gift to send to a kid, and let the delivery be the surprise instead of wrapping it. And best of all Cascades is donating $2 from every sale to Habitat for Humanity!

I love the idea of this, now that my daughter is older she’s using it as a little hangout, and love that she really put thought into decorating it. If you have more than one kid this is perfect too – since it’s cardboard they can take turns decorating it! I’m looking forward to re-painting ours and changing the look of it completely! It’s great too because you can move it around so easily – it’s super light and can go from room to room easily. You can even take it apart if you’re bringing it somewhere else. My daughter and dog have been playing in and out of it for weeks now and it still looks good too – it’s thick cardboard.

And thanks to Cascades one lucky person will be winning their own My Pretty Playhouse!!

To enter, check out their site and comment with why you’d want to win this, or who you’d give it to.

To earn a 2nd entry like them on facebook.

For a 3rd entry follow Cascades on twitter – make sure to comment seperately for each one.

Giveaway open to all Canadians and will end Monday Dec. 3rd at noon – good luck everyone! 🙂

79 Replies to “Cascades – My pretty Playhouse – Review and giveaway

  1. What don’t I love about this!? The price is great! The size looks good! And I love anyone that donates to a charity 🙂 my daughter would absolutely love this!!

  2. Having a house full of kids. (three young boys, a young girl, and one on the way) I really think all of them would get a lot of enjoyment out of this!

  3. This would be a great addition under our tree for my kids who are 4 and 5. Although as I type this the 5 year old is driving me crazy as she didn’t get enough sleep last night, maybe it would be a great gift to give to a little girl/boy who have nothing!

  4. I was thinking for my granddaughter but may give it away to someone else who would be able to enjoy it sooner, shes just 7 months old!

  5. I think I would give it to my daughter who would love somewhere to get away from her brothers or her brothers so they have somewhere to get away from here 🙂

  6. Would live this for my kids! Also love the fact that it has the “lines” on it to color in (ie bricks), so kids have an idea of where to start their masterpiece.

  7. I would like to win it for my two children, they would be THRILLED to have an inside fort as they love their outside playhouse

  8. Liked on FB. Checked out their website, and I’m so impressed! Made in Canada, made from recycled material, and it’s recyclable. This would be perfect birthday gift for my granddaughters who will be 4 on December 29. Thanks for the great giveaway.

  9. i think my boys would love to play with this playhouse… and tey would probably get some of their girl friends from class to come over an play

  10. This is a unique gift! I love how you can personalize it and the little details like window boxes etc. So cute! I would give it to my daughters.

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