Buying Shoes Online? Try These Tips to Save Money!

24 Jan

Shopping online is almost second nature to many consumers. Just as there are ways to save money when you shop in a brick and mortar store, you can rack up a significant amount of savings when you want a new pair of shoes. By putting these tips to good use, you can have that new pair of Merrell shoes and still have money left over.

Know When Your Favourite Site Offers Discounts

Did you know that many online retailers place portions of their inventories on sale certain days of the week? These are sometimes presented as unadvertised discounts or limited time discounts. The goal is to generate more business volume on days when consumers are less likely to shop.

Instead of doing your shoe shopping on a peak day like Saturday or Sunday, conduct a search for the pair of Dansko shoes you want on a Wednesday or Thursday. If you have an account on the site, you may receive a text or email alerting you to the short-term discount. Even if you don’t have an account, you might find the limited time discount advertised when you visit the home page.

Always Look for Manufacturer or Retailer Coupons

It’s not unusual for some footwear manufacturers to distribute electronic coupons that can be redeemed at certain sites. Retailers may also choose to create coupons and email them to past customers. If you happen to get one of those and it would allow you to purchase a pair of Merrell shoes for less by entering the coupon code, it’s time to shop.

Only Shop With a Card That Provides a Cash-Back Bonus

Along with taking advantage of any online discounts and coupons that you find, there is a way to generate a little net savings on your end. When you go online with the intent to buy a pair of Dansko shoes, have a credit card on hand that provides sort of cash-back bonus. This is usually in the form of a small percentage of the purchase price that’s added back to your account once the purchase is complete.

Reward Points Will Help Too

Another approach is to shop at a site that allows you to accumulate reward points. When you find a pair of shoes that you like, use the points to cover part of the cost. If you have enough points in the account and the terms and conditions allow it, you could end up paying nothing for the footwear of your choice.

Last Season’s Footwear is On Sale

Looking for close-outs on last season’s shoe designs is another way to save money. Just like traditional shoe stores, some online retailers offer great bargains on specific styles and brands that have been discontinued. There’s a good chance of finding at least one pair of Merrell shoes that would be an ideal addition to your wardrobe.

Spend some time today experimenting with these tips. Get an idea of how much you could save by shopping at the right site on the best day using coupons or other sale or discount options. Once you learn how to be a savvy online shopper, it will be a lot easier to those beautiful Dansko shoes and keep the cost within your budget.

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