Buying caseloads of baked goods and meat at Costco Canada

18 Feb

So you guys have filled up my email inbox and Facebook inbox with questions about buying caseloads at Costco!!

I thought everyone was aware of this, because there are signs everywhere. But some are high up and I think people just haven’t been noticing them. I’m usually just rushing around Costco, and I assume most of us do the same.

It’s been around for a very long time, so here’s the breakdown.

You can buy all of the items listed in the pictures I took by the caseload. For meat, be aware that it’s most likely by the kilogram -which is on the tag too of course. And be aware that prices of meat can fluctuate too.

Everything is sold to you to bake at home. It’s raw and ready to cook, and some of it is undecorated.

I took pictures of the cookies so it would give you a better example.

To get it, just ask at the bakery or the meat department depending what you want. That’s it! 🙂

There’s instructions on everything, it’s very well organized and it’s a great option if you live out of town, you’re having a big party or event, or you just really like that item. Great idea for socials, baby showers etc.

It’s also perfect for sharing with friends or family members – nice way to get a big variety.

The labels have all of the nutritional info and ingredients also.

I would assume the prices are either exactly the same at locations across Canada or very close. Let me know if you notice any discrepancy, or if some stores happen to have special items even.

You can also buy all kinds of party platters too!!

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