Buying by the case at Costco

14 Sep

If you’re wanting to fill up your freezer with meat or baked goods from costco, make sure to check out the pricing by the case.

These pictures are from the Regent location in winnipeg, the pricing can fluctuate and be a little bit different from location to location. Also some will offer things a little bit differently, maybe other cuts of meat or other baked items.

Some examples are a case of artisan burger buns, 84 in total for $21. Triple chocolate cookie dough that you bake at home, you get 120 pieces for $24. 8 undecorated tuxedo cakes for $90, 78 par baked bagels for $20 etc

These are an amazing option if you just like to have them in your freezer, or if you live out of town or are going to be hosting a big event.

Meat is priced by kilogram and you get a full case of it so that will really depend on the store.

Speak to the bakery or the meat department to get them.

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