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What do I buy on an average week at Costco? Here it is!

by Nadine on March 6, 2018

First thing to know is I like to stock up when there’s a sale – so most staples we are well stocked up on. Things like rice, sugar, flour, pasta, sauces etc. I will buy when there’s a huge sale, enough to last us many months. Once in a while we have a huge shop at Costco, but most weeks are like this one. And I stock up at other stores too of course, I check the flyers and shop accordingly.

So, my weekly shops at Costco vary, but this week was a pretty good example so here it is!

  • 10 pounds of carrots for $8 – I make a lot of soups, and our guinea pig likes the occasional one.
  • 2 litres of coffee cream, for $1.99 each….I really, really like coffee cream. We had bought extra milk pre-storm (of course), so didn’t need that today. I use it in my coffee, but also in baking and soups too. But mostly coffee. Have I mentioned I love coffee? 😉
  • Huge bag of broccoli for $5. I’ll admit something, before I bought our Instant Pot, I didn’t like broccoli. Not even sure I had ever really bought it before, except maybe frozen with cheese sauce. Now, I buy a bag a week. If we don’t finish it by Sunday, I roast what’s left in the oven with olive oil and parmesan cheese and it’s super yummy! That way, none of it ever goes bad.
  • Pork loin – $10!!! Score! They are $5 off this week. And of course as soon as we left the store I was kicking myself for not picking up a few extra. That will be chopped into 4 or more portions to be frozen. Will get a lot of meals out of that.
  • Bag of spinach for $3.39 – again, thanks to the Instant Pot. I now love spinach in my soups….I add it in right before I eat it, so it just wilts a bit. Also add it into omelettes, or just as a salad. Good treat for guinea pig too.
  • Bread was on sale this week – 3 loaves for $4.49 – no explanation needed there I think. If you need one…hmmmm…sandwiches for school, pbj at home, grilled cheese and on and on.
  • Blueberries for $4.89 – one kid here, so don’t need much fruit. Always have apples and oranges and bananas – usually just pick up one other kind of fruit a week.
  • Huge bag of Doritos for $5. Snack time – and maybe even some nachos with them.

So, in total that was $45.36. For all of that! Yay! I’m always excited when I get to the checkout and I have a ton of groceries for that low!

This isn’t our only groceries for the week of course, I pick up what we need on sale here and there, but this really is most of it. Tons of ingredients for all kinds of yummy meals. Also, as you guys know I go to Costco every week, so this isn’t a once a month, bring your trailer kind of stock up either. I didn’t stage or plan this shop either – on the way home I was thinking of how many good deals we find there and figured this was an honest week’s shop to share.

So, what are your Costco shops like? What are your staples from there? And any foods you’ve grown to love from there?

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Alexandra March 7, 2018 at 5:13 PM

favorite pork loin recipe?


Nadine March 11, 2018 at 2:54 PM

we cook them all kinds of ways, into pulled pork, as a regular roast…tonight we chopped part of one into thin pork chops and cooking it in the instant pot with a ton of mushrooms and making a cream sauce with it. No real set recipes, but always turns out yummy with that cut of meat 🙂


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