Brand new website – Wipiji!

17 Nov

I love sharing new and exciting stuff in Winnipeg with you guys, and I have a great one tonight! It’s a brand new membership site for printable coupons – and they’re all local! It’s just starting out, but they already have some great coupons on the site, and I hear there’s some neat ones coming up too! It’s great for local businesses because you can add any type of coupon you want for your business – no forced percentage or fee! Perfect for all my small business friends!

And for us as coupon users it’s very cool too! You sign up for 2$ a month, or 24$ for 12 months. You earn Wipji bucks by signing up that can be exchanged for cool prizes down the road. Once you’re signed up you can print out your coupons!  There’s a lot of other local coupons too, and will be adding more constantly. (and check out the Marble Slab coupon while you’re there! yummy!) The website just started up – make sure to let your favourite Winnipeg businesses know about it so they can add their coupons too! This is a local website, and it will be community based – the more the word is shared, the more coupons there will be for all of us to use!  There’s also a section on National coupons and deals – a quick place to check before you head out shopping! This will be updated also, there’s so many good deals out there!

So, check out their site at Wipiji – and when you sign up use the code 1BGU1ARR  and earn an extra 5 Wipiji bucks at the mybucks section! 🙂 (code is for you guys only, no posting it on other sites please!)

I love the idea of a site like this, it’s exactly what Winnipeg needs! Perfect way for businesses to promote themselves, and for us as consumers to find new businesses and get some good deals. It’s a win win for everyone! It’s like buying a coupon book, but it’s totally renewable and will constantly be updated with new coupons! By using just 1 or 2 coupons you’ve paid for a year’s membership, then you can coast on all the other coupons that will be added throughout the year!

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  1. I don’t think I’ll be joining if I have to pay, and can’t see what the coupons will be until after I join. They might convince more people to join if they showed you all the offers you could get if you did. With all the free coupon sites and deal sites out there already, why pay even 1.99 when so much else out there is accessible for free. I’ll keep an eye on your blog and see what the feedback is like, maybe change my mind later.

  2. I think they should have a free trial – I can’t imagine signing up having no idea what the coupons are. At the least you should be able to view them (like you could an Entertainment Book or Show and Save)

    • I never got to see the show and save’s my daughter’s school was selling, just had a list with a few coupons in it. Same idea, but for this site if there’s coupons you wish were in there (example baby bin) you can email them and ask them to add some!

  3. Soundss interesting… Gonna check it out after work today… I like that u can request coupons for local businesses cause I can never find coupons for stuff in my area…

  4. Thank you Nadine for such a wonderful review and share of our new site.

    First I would like to say if any of you have any questions regarding the site feel free to email us there is a form on the site you can use to get in touch with us.

    If you would like to see a coupon on our site from a local merchant please let us know. We will do our best to get it on the site for you.

    Also the site is really new we just launched about a week ago. So we are still working out some kinks here and there. If at any time you find something that is not working properly or something that looks out of place please let us know. We did our best to test, test, and test some more but there always seems to be that one thing that you some how overlooked. If you do run into an issue let us know so we can work on it and we will give you some free Wipiji bucks for your troubles.


  5. Hey everyone.

    It is great that we are seeing such a buzz about Wipiji. We appreciate all of your suggestions and input.

    The idea behind this is that there has never been any accountability in advertising for businesses. Advertising is very expense therefore hinders the ability of local stores to offer really good discounts and see a return. So in order to get the Winnipeg shopping community the best discounts and get stores that can’t afford big advertising budgets involved we are offering free advertising to all business. So this is where the membership comes in.

    It is far easier to have each person pay a nominal fee (the price a cup of coffee) each month to have access to the exclusive and non exclusive offers inside and take advantage of our free rewards program…Wipiji Bucks.

    This is a community that will be made great buy YOU the users and businesses that populate the site. To coin an old saying…”ask not what Wipiji can do for you ask what you can do for the Wipiji community” as members populate businesses will come on and as more businesses come on more members join and so it begins a great local site for all Winnipeggers.

    We have plans for Wipiji buck scavenger hunts, contest and all sorts of cool stuff so I ask that you to join for a year and yet us run with this. I think you will be pleasantly surprised…

    Remember we are 100% locally owned and operated…. We are not a large corporation from the US…

  6. Are you guys kidding. The only way you get bucks is by getting someone else to join? Scavenger hunts, we are not children nor people who will pay for a total of 10 coupons on your site. Great effort but I’ll pass and get the same stuff free

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