Boxing Day Shopping Tips

25 Dec

If you’re planning on shopping on Boxing Day , your best bet is to use the Flipp App. You can either look through all the flyers, or search for that one specific item you’re looking for. It’s pretty handy – my daughter got a DS for xmas, and a gift card – she wants to get some more games for it so we just searched for that. Very easy and saves a lot of time.

There aren’t as many sales as there used to be – most stores started clearing out stock on Black Friday, and kept deals going since then. A lot of stores marked down seasonal items slowly, 50%, then 60% then 70% etc. so not as much selection as there used to be. We saw in the last few weeks that gift baskets were already marked down everywhere we went – and a lot of places had sold out. Great time to buy seasonal food items though – cheap gingerbread houses, holiday cereals etc.

If you’re shopping online, most stores have already started their sales today so make sure to take a peek when you have a minute.

Are you going boxing day shopping? If so, what are you looking for and what is your game plan?

Hope everyone is enjoying the holidays!

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  1. Thank you for these simple great tips.
    I just wonder if I have to be in front of the store before its opening time ? on last black Friday, I reached Target before 6:00 am to find a very long line waiting from 4 :00 am !!

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