Blue Friday at Safeway and Sobeys

17 Mar


If you’re an airmiles collector, Safeway and Sobeys are having Blue Friday on March 18th! It’s a one day only event and there are tons of airmiles promotions on!

There’s a coupon for spend $100 get 100 airmiles.

If you buy 4 Delissio Rustico pizzas you get 40 airmiles and they’re 2 for $7. Coke is $5 and buy 3 get 50 airmiles.

Raw Jumbo prawns are $9, buy 4 get 50 airmiles. Buy 2 chicken party packs and get 100 airmiles, brownies are 2 for $6 and buy 2 get 15 airmiles. Ham sausage ring is $7, buy 2 get 30 airmiles. Olymel bacon is $4, buy 4 get 50 airmiles. Certain salad kits are $4 and buy 2 get 30 airmiles, mini cucumber packs are $2.49 and buy 2 get 35 airmiles.

There’s a lot of great deals that are all week long too to get to the $100 mark – turkey is 97 cents a pound, 2L milk is $2, stove top stuffing and Club House gravy are $1 each!


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